Media Lounge for NVIDIA Shield – Download Media Lounge Apk on NVIDIA Shield

Are you still searching on various sites for your favorite movies or TV show? Nowadays, most of us have a subscription to some popular OTT platforms like; Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney, or Amazon Prime, but still some people find it difficult to watch their content because of its cost. Thanks to some applications, alternatives of these OTT platforms, that are free of cost and available in the market. With the help of these apps, you can watch all the content that a platform features but others don’t.

Media Lounge is one of the best applications which allows us to watch the latest TV shows, animes, and movies. Even, you can select various options in terms of quality and content. It doesn’t charge its users even a single rupee. So, no need to wonder over websites for accessing premium content from now on. Let’s gave a glance at its features, advantages, and installation.

Media Lounge on Nvidia Shield

Media Lounge

Now, we are getting familiar with new and quality TV shows or movies, and we always look for a place to watch them. But, it isn’t an issue if you are aware of Media Lounge. Media Lounge is a popular Android APK which grants you access to premium content like; Web series, movies, Live sports, or TV channels.

It allows its users to watch ad-free movies having the option of multicasting of videos. Using over 10 million customers, it always keeps you updated on the latest content. With the help of Media Lounge functionalities, you can make your playlist of favorite animes and web series. So, use it for a seamless experience of playback.

Features of Media Lounge

  1. Media Lounge has an unlimited stock of TV shows, movies, anime, and sports channels.
  2. It has a wide range of genres like; Rom-com, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Thriller, Horror, Drama, and War, etc.
  3. If you want to watch your favorite show over and over, then you can put it on recording and can watch it later.
  4. No issue of interruption as Media Lounge does allow fewer ads with a comparison of other applications.
  5. One can watch movies or series within its favorite languages. It contains several languages like; English, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Punjabi, or Telugu.
  6. No need to worry about safety as it has the best proxy system for fetching the content from channels.
  7. One can watch Trailer or Summery in this app that avoids using YouTube again and again.
  8. A clean and easily accessible UI for searching content in the app.

How to install Media Lounge on Nvidia Shield?

Install Media Lounge on Nvidia Shield

Watching premium content on one platform stands Media Lounge in another league. It contains more than 1K+ movies and TV shows, so there’s no need to worry about entertainment. The installation process of Media Lounge on Nvidia Shield isn’t difficult. It requires a third-party application named downloader for the installation on Nvidia Shield. All of need to do is just follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Google Play Store in Nvidia Shield and navigate to the search bar in the right-hand intersection.
  2. Type downloader and select it from appearing results.
  3. Click on the install button and, it’ll take just a few seconds depends on your internet speed.
  4. After the installation of the downloader, it will ask you to permit accessing files.
  5. Allow it and, then installation will complete. Paste this link to URL area:
  6. Now, you’ll see a pop-up. Navigate to Nvidia Shield settings and search for downloader and make sure permission is enabled.
  7. Come back to the downloader and select the delete button.
  8. Now type this URL:
  9. Press the Enter key for downloading Media Lounge on Nvidia Shield.
  10. After the installation, look for Media Lounge in the settings.
  11. Clear the cache and enjoy watching TV series or movies on a bigger screen at your home.

Final Words

It’s challenging to find alternatives to Netflix or Amazon Prime but having Media Lounge in your hands makes it easier. Media Lounge is a complete setup for watching premium shows and movies free of cost. It’s a light-weighted APK with attractive, easy-to-navigate, and ad-blocking features. The APK of Media Lounge comes up with compatibility on FireStick, Windows, and Mac devices.

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